"This is the best handbook I have seen on the existence and nature of the Triune God.  It is biblically based, theologically sound, well documented, and clearly written.  I highly recommend it."    – Norm Geisler, author or co-author of some 90 books. He has taught for over 50 years at some of the top evangelical seminaries in the country. He was president of The Evangelical Theological Society and was the founder and first president of The Evangelical Philosophical Society.

About the Book

THE ONE WHO IS: the doctrine and existence of God

A Theological and Apologetics Handbook

by Dr. Kenny Rhodes

“Every Christian needs to be a theologian. That is every believer in Christ needs to be able to think carefully and speak clearly and correctly about the Triune God of the Bible. Unfortunately, our evangelical churches today do not often teach believers the foundations of Christian theology. Therefore, for all of those who need to sharpen their theological thinking, including pastors and teachers, Dr. Kenny Rhodes's book ‘The One Who Is’ provides a careful and insightful presentation of the historic Christian doctrine of God.” – Ken Samples, theologian, author, lecturer and Senior Research Scholar at Reasons to Believe.



“Dr. Kenny Rhodes is a great, young, up and coming theologian who will be one to watch in years to come.” Dr. Mal Couch, theologian, professor, pastor, award winning author, founding president of Tyndale Theological Seminary, TX. 

About the Book​

This book is a comprehensive and concise treatment of the philosophical, theological and biblical issues related to the doctrine of God. Within its pages, the nature, existence, and tri-unity of God are presented in an understandable and clear manner. The author’s objective was to hold in highest regard the text of Holy Scripture while reflecting the biblical position of the historic orthodox faith. The book’s tone is polemic and passionate, sincere and scholarly with a commitment to communicate the truth of God’s Word with simplicity and profundity. Also, between its covers, you will find a wealth of information with numerous references and explanatory notes for clarification and further personal study. The book is arranged around the concept of the term "logos" which suffixes many other words and turns them into fields of study, as in the phrase “theology” (Theos-logos). The term "Logos" refers to the concepts of epistemology, ontology, and hermeneutics. Applied to the doctrine of God, its organization deals with “Knowing God,” “the Being of God,” and “Communicating God.” This corresponds to Thomas Aquinas's approach to understanding God, in the questions: what is God (we define God by negation, what He is not); how do we know God (we know him by His effects); how do you communicate or explain God (God is communicated to us by His names, that is, His attributes). The book, furthermore, presents a classic and newly reworked argument for the existence of God called “the Existential Argument,” which is based on the notion of being.

“Dr. Kenny Rhodes has given to us in this book a masterful presentation of the doctrine of God. With a rare, yet much needed, coalescing methodology he articulates a view of God that encompasses all of the classical issues for an Evangelical and Orthodox position, while at the same time approaching the subject with a careful hand that incorporates into the presentation a wealth of ideology from St. Thomas Aquinas… I endorse this work not just because of the information within the book itself. Though that is important, needless to say, I also endorse this book because of the character of the man behind the typed words..." Dr. Keith Sherlin, judge, author, pastor, and Professor of Bible and Theology, Tyndale Theological Seminary, TX. 

Based on Chapter 7,  "the Tri-Unity of God." 

Pastor Kenny Rhodes, DRE, PhD

 Kenny Rhodes is an ordained Southern Baptist pastor with 24 plus years in the ministry. He serves as President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Scofield Graduate School and Seminary, Modesto, CA. Pastor Kenny has two earned doctorates in religious education and theology/apologetics and loves to study physics and cosmology to supplement his theological understanding. He truly believes that God is the author of Scripture and Science, as well as Faith and Reason, and that the grace of God touches them both. Kenny has been married to Tami since 1994 and they have three wonderful children who all serve the Lord: Tajiana, Micaela, and Kent.